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Bursary Winner, Bronte Adam's mentoring day.

Part of our Open Studio scheme is to introduce and mentor an emerging artist. In 2015, our anniversary year, we awarded two, one to Amanda Hutchings and one to Bronte Adam who is a printed textiles designer studying at Leeds college of art. Bronte recently did a day at the Michael Angove Design Studio in Devizes.

Michael started the day by looking at Bronte’s portfolio of work, which included lovely illustrations of land and sea animals and of outdoor spaces and still lives. Bronte has a terrific talent for drawing and observation. Fun, happy and fresh.

One of Bronte's questions was about how to price her work. We refered to our website members area where a comprehensive and easy to use guide on how to price your work can be found.

Michael then introduced Bronte to the pen and tableau by 'Wacom'. This is a clever tool that allows the user to draw into a computer. The pen or 'stylus' has a range of pressure sensitive nibs that can be as sensitive as the hardest and sharpest H grade pencil.

Bronte took to the stylus with gusto and soon was drawing still life into Adobe’s Photoshop program. What is genuinely magical about the stylus is that the tableau it works with can notice the tilt as well as the pressure and sure enough if you turn the pen upside down it rubs out!

The stylus can be told to be a sharp pencil, piece of charcoal, a watercolour fan brush or a thick oil brush. With a little bit of practice one can master the stylus and even control the staining of watercolour and texture of paper inside the computer. In fact the nib of the stylus can be completely bespoke, built withing photoshop. It is easy to control the bristle length, thickness, strenth or amount. Even the cross section of the bristle can be any shape you require.

After a fun day and a quick cake on the canal Bronte went home inspired and mentally prepared for a new term at collage and the OS season.

Bronte will be showing in central Marlborough during the July dates along with Alison Bowyer and Ann Louise Smith at Location 28. 

A quick video of Bronte drawing can be seen on our facebook page here.




Bronte starts to draw the cactus on the printer with the stylus. Within 1 hours Bronte had built her own bespoke brushes to simulate the cactus.



These marks were all created by the stylus. Below are examples of Bronte's portfolio work.




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