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Amanda Hutchings, Bursary Winner - MENTORING DAY #1

Part of the OS scheme is to encourage and support new and emerging artists, so each year we award a bursary. Part of the bursary is mentoring. In our 20th anniversary year we have awarded two bursaries. Amanda Hutchings is one winner and here is an account of her first day of mentoring. The mentorship day can be hands-on drawing practice, technical advice and show advice. Amanda is having drawing lessons with Michael Angove who is one of the OS artists and trained at the Royal Colleg of Art...amanda_1a.jpg
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MELISSA COLE - BLACKSMITH'Is it a table? Is it art? Actually, it’s both!' By Vanya Body Have you ever thought about commissioning an artist to create a one-off and bespoke piece of furniture for your home?  Does that sound like something that 'other people' do?  Well, that’s what I thought…but we have done just that and are now the proud owners of atable that is a handcrafted showpiece –and definitely a one-off.   It has been forged from raw steel by Mel...mel7
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LISI ASHBRIDGE - LETTER ARTIST'First Sealing Stone in a long, long time' During Open Studios in 2014, I was approached and asked whether I would be interested in designing and cutting the first sealing stone to go into the All Cannings Long Barrow. Tim Daw (, our local landowner, has fulfilled his life-long ambition and built the only modern long barrow in the UK, here at All Cannings, using Neolithic building methods and materials, resulting in a resting place with a sacr...lisif
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SIMONE DAWOOD - PAINTER'The Uffington White Horse Commission' "Simone’s work has a wonderful way of portraying a sense of place in just a few strokes. We instantly recognised The Ridgeway near Wayland’s Smithy as a place we had recently walked along. We liked the painting so much we commissioned Simone to paint a picture of the Uffington White Horse. She enthusiastically took on the challenge and we are thrilled with the result. She has captured the essence of the landscape in a wonderful way a...ridgeway near weyland smithy1
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MARK SOMERVILLE - Photographer'Arctic Star Medal - A Public Commission' These portraits are selected from a Wiltshire Council commission in partnership with Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre and the Heritage Lottery Fund to photograph the 33 remaining Wiltshire based recipients of the Arctic Star medal. The men were conscripted or volunteered to serve as Merchant Seamen on the Atlantic Convoys during WWII. Most were in their late teens at the time and endured great hardships in t...Mark Somerville 1
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