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OS Artists feature in the Wiltshire Museum's annual fine art auction.

OS Artists feature in the Wiltshire Museum's annual fine art auction.
With hammer at the ready, Marc Allum from the Antiques Roadshow hosted the annual art auction at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes. Marc who has recently moved to Chippenham, brought a great sense of flair and personality to the occasion that auctioned off £14,000 worth of fine art to the well healed crowd of art lovers. The collection of only 12 works this year is specially selected by the organiser of the event, Dr Alan Cowley, who is on our 2016 art trail. This year's auction included several O...
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What is an Open Studio? - THE LOW DOWN

Here is a quirky article that tries to explain what an Open Studio scheme is for those who want a little bit of art in their life... Everywhere in the UK there are artists, designers and crafts people working from home or their studios and being ridiculously creative. These arty types toil away with, what some may describe as a futile and self-indulgent desire to tinker around making stuff, but those of us who are enlightened know otherwise. Those creatives are making intriguing, beautiful if no...
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Secrets from the Museum - SPECIAL OPENING 2015

Gail Foster appreciated her visit to our special open day event; "Inspired by a John Piper lithograph of Long Street in Devizes found online, Kate Freeman joined forces with Marlborough Open Studios and Wiltshire Museum to collate this very special little exhibition of hitherto unseen pieces from Wiltshire artists of the past and present.  Those of us moved to seek out these delights were able to view the work of Ravilious, Tanner, Piper, Moore, Arnold, Inshaw and others as w...
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Adventures & Insights of a Botanical Artist - ANN SWAN LECTURE

Our winter event for Friends was an impressive and very amusing illustrated talk by one of the country's leading botanical artists, Ann Swan.  Her career in botanical art began with a graphite drawing of a cabbage... Ann is not just extremely skilled but very innovative and has pioneered techniques in coloured pencil drawing.  It was not long before Ann had settled into her new career when she soon began winning numerous awards and was in great demand for lectures and workshops, t...5 LowRes
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Over 30 Special Open Studios Activities - NEW FOR 2015!

To celebrate 20 years of Open Studios the diversity of artists’ skills will be on display a little more actively than visitors might have bargained for.  You can join in with a creative activity, enjoy a private view and evening drink, take a tour of a fabulous kitchen garden, join in a silent auction for charity, play a game of boules or watch a fascinating ‘pour’ for a casting.  There are over 30 activities to fit in on special days. Take a look at the list below which is in numerica...
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