When I start a painting I begin with an actual landscape, garden, coast-line or figures. I will choose the subject because something about it moves me in some way. It could be a garden that is romantic, a coast-line that is peaceful or a piece of countryside that just makes you glad to be alive. The figures that excite me are those that express energy and movement. Initially I will look carefully at my subject and then think about the experience. What is it that moves me? Often I can feel an emotion but it’s only by getting immersed in the subject and then exploring my connection that I can translate those feelings onto the canvas or paper. That is why my work goes on a journey. A journey from sketch pad to the finished pastel, ink or oil painting. The journey can be unpredictable, it can be full of disappointments and frustrations but it is always completely absorbing and often rewarding.  I will be showing a variety of paintings and prints in my studio. I also undertake commissions and as such, I am happy to talk over the phone or email about your ideas.

Kenya Cottage, Jarvis St., Upavon, SN9 6DU, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
01980 630380