MAX MORE - Studio 6

My interest in photography has developed over the past twelve years from a general enthusiasm for taking pictures, which I have had since my teenage years, into a passion that takes up many hours of each day in my retirement. I have a particular love for wildlife and landscape, particularly that of Wiltshire. Out in this richly diverse environment in all weathers, the necessity of walking my dogs has furnished me with the perfect reason to get out and take photographs, whilst embracing the inner peace and tranquillity that can surround us in wild places. I am completely self taught and have developed my skills by reading, studying the work of other photographers and online learning via platforms such as YouTube. My early inspiration was the work of master photographers such as Ansel Adams and Bill Brandt, with the work of photographers such as Andy Rouse and Johnny Baird firing my imagination in more recent times. The urge to share my connection with the natural world is what drives my creativity. We live in a world that is increasingly detached from the natural cycles of life and if seeing my work encourages the viewer to go out and experience it for themselves, then that will be an indicator of success to me. Even better if the viewer feels compelled to create their own response to what s/he experiences. I have won and been recognised in both local and national photographic competitions and my photographs have featured in a wide range of press media. My work has been selected for British Wildlife Photography Awards national touring exhibition in three out of the last four years.
Please park in Church Street and walk up Mill Close. The studio is on the left.
2 Mill Close, Great Bedwyn, SN8 3PJ, Wiltshire, England
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