Generations of artists & OS evolution

The annual cycle of work begins with an AGM in September, followed by a call for artists in November, registration by January then builds towards material for the brochure and graphics for publicity.

At first the scheme was run by an informal collaborative group where everyone pitched in.  Later, a formal committee of volunteers was elected annually at an AGM.  

The Chairs and Secretaries are the coordinating lynch pins with the Committee organising many months ahead of opening in July, but many others are involved in various aspects, including the participating artists who are expected to help with brochure distribution, promotion and annual feedback.

The key players are acknowledged and noteworthy developments recorded below. These records demonstrate the innovation applied annually to refresh the scheme.

2016 Lisi Ashbridge with Debbie Blount, 59 artists and 20 associates BrochureCover 2016

Paul Swan (Road signage and Main Sponsors), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Diana Devonshire (Advisor),  Kate Freeman (Friends of MOS), Oliver Freeman (Brochure logistics), Deborah Husk (Preview Show), Antonetta Newton-Tyers (Corporate Supporters), Chris Franklin (Online Services), Delia Merison (Press Officer), Christopher Hazelwood (Brochure design and layout), Michael Angove (Graphics, Advisor)


The Preview Show at the Mount House gallery gains excellent attendence and sales during Sponsors PV (David Dudley) 
Further investment in new road signs professionally installed across the whole area.
Artists continue with special activities including opening mid week.

Lead sponsor, main sponsors and corporate sponsors continue to support MOS

2015 Lisi Ashbridge with Debbie Blount, 61 artists and 13 associates

OS Brochure 2015 thumb

Michael Angove (Vice Chairman, graphics and media), Simone Dawood (Road Signage), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Diana Devonshire (Advisor),  Kate Freeman (Friends of MOS), Oliver Freeman (Brochure logistics), Deborah Husk (Preview Show), Paul Swan (Road signage and Main Sponsors), Antonetta Newton-Tyers (Corporate Supporters), Chris Franklin (Online Services), Delia Merison (Press Officer), Christopher Hazelwood (Brochure design and layout).


Windows on Art ceases in order to concentrate on Mount House preview show.
Reverted to four weekends in July for ease of advertising.
The brochure layout reverts to double fold front cover to form a triple page spread of map and studio key. A-Z of artists in the back. 
Major investment in new road signs professionally installed across the whole area.
33 studio activities to celebrate 20th anniversary.

Lead sponsor, main sponsors and corporate sponsors replace brochure advertisements.
Special Open Day at Wiltshire Museum, Devizes: archived drawing, paintings and prints & unseen work by David Inshaw.

2014 Michael Angove with Sue Lashmar, 51 artists and 22 associates 

OS Brochure 2014 thumb

Normandy Barcelo-Soto (Advertising), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Kate Freeman (Friends of MOS), Oliver Freeman (Brochure & Windows on Art), Deborah Husk (Mount House show), Kareen Jackson (Windows on Art), Antonetta Newton-Tyers (Windows on Art), Michael Angove (graphics and media), Christopher Hazelwood (brochure layout), Chris Franklin (website services).


Summer Show at Mount House (5 days of preview in early June). 
Constitution with guidelines formally adopted at AGM which agreed to a slightly enlarged area to Wroughton and the edge of the Salisbury Plain (the Lavingtons). 
An incentivised Friends of MOS and Feedback re-developed with payment on line.  
Special Open Day at Marlborough College chapel to view newly re-gilded murals by Spencer Stanhope. 
Trails & Itineraries developed on line for downloading as pdfs.
Prominent studio signs sponsored by Smiths Gore
Website and brochure restyled to promote 'art in the countryside'
Double folding covers front and back for east and west of Marlborough to replace the four zones.

2013 No chairman. Liz Moakes Secretary, 43 artists and 18 associate artists 

OS Brochure 2013 thumb

Normandy Barcelo-Soto (Advertising), Yvonne Cunnane (Windows on Art), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Jean Horseman (Advertising), Kareen Jackson (Advertising, Windows on Art), Sue Lashmar (Distribution). 


The new format functions without a chairman.

2012 Mark Somerville with Liz Moakes, 42 artists and 16 associate artists 

OS Brochure 2012 thumb

Normandy Barcelo-Soto (Advertising), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), John Harris (Publicity, PR, Website), Stephanie Hudson, Deborah Husk (Windows on Art), Arran Miles, Colin Palmer (Website administration). Graphics by Resolution Digital.


Guidelines written for participating artists.
Last two week ends of June and first two of July to avoid clashing with school holidays.
MOS on twitter @marlboroughOS

2011 Mark Somerville with Liz Moakes, 57 artists and 20 associate artists 

OS Brochure 2011 thumb

Normandy Barcelo-Soto (Advertising), Melissa Cole (Publicity, PR, Advertising), Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), John Harris (Publicity),  Stephanie Hudson, Arran Miles,  Jenny Trussell and Mike Trussell (Advertising).  Graphics by Resolution Digital.


36 shops participate in Windows on Art. Similar participation continues for a further three years.
Facebook page launched.
Road side banners produced.

2010 Mark Somerville with Deborah Husk, 58 artists and 16 associate artists

OS Brochure 2010 thumb

Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), John Harris (Publicity, website), Caroline Keevil (Administration), Colin Palmer (Publicity, PR). Graphics by Resolution Digital.


Newcomers to the scheme submit to a new selection process. 

2009 Mark Somerville with Deborah Husk, 59 artists and 19 associate artists 

OS Brochure 2009 thumb

Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), John Harris (Publicity-Design/Production), Steve Harris (Publicity-Artwork/Production), Caroline Keevil, Colin Palmer (Publicity, PR), Jennie Slater (Brochure distribution), Jenny Trussell (Window on Art), Mike Trussell.  Graphics and branding by Resolution Digital.


More style added to brochure design, landscape format with a double fold cover for overall map, and a map for colour coded zones. Six artists' entries for each double page spread and new MOS logo with its year beneath.  
Website redeveloped with links to artists' websites.  
Preview Show at the Nataraj Art Space in addition to the shows at The Ridgeway Gallery, the White Horse Bookshop and The PACT gallery in Pewsey. 
Wiltshire Council replaces Kennet District Council as a main sponsor.
Hitherto there are listings of 'other artists' not exhibiting.  
Ex-MOS artists that pay a small fee become formally known as 'Associate Artists' entitled to a brochure entry.

2008 Mark Somerville with Deborah Husk. 72 artists, 21 associate artists  

OS Brochure 2008 thumb

Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Arran Miles (Brochure distribution), Jennie Slater (Press and PR), Mike Trussell (Brochure production), Jenny Trussell (Exhibitions), Richard Wentk (DTP & Webs Design)
Triple fold map and index of a record 72 participating artists in 39 studio.  Artists' courses are advertised separately.


Studios are mapped in four zones and colour coded. 
Graphics have been neatly designed to show opening times for each artist's entry. 

Clevancy near Calne is included as well as two galleries in Devizes.
Bursaries for emerging artists to encourage up to six young artists funded by artists
Friends of MOS by subscription.

1995 Gillian Reeve with Jill Moxey and 15 artists

fragments of brochure 1995 WEBThe first Open Studio trail included with 12 participating artists, a gallery with 3 more artists in 11 studios in Marlborough and six in nearby villages.  They were listed in a simple photocopied A3 tri-folded brochure.   Artists and founders listed here.

Studios were open for an astonishing 16 consecutive days morning, noon and evening sessions described as follows:

“The open studio scheme is a new venture for the Marlborough Festival.  It will provide an opportunity for visitors to look at a wide variety of art, craft and design within the Marlborough area and the surrounding villages.  Some participants work from home, others from studios or workshops.  All will welcome visitors and be happy to show their work on display or in progress and discuss or even demonstrate their particular techniques and skills.  In some cases there will be a chance to purchase or commission work.  Times of opening are given on the printed schedule." 


1996 Jeanette Therrien, Arran Miles and Jan Hazzard-Gale and 29 artists 

OS brochure 1996 thumbJeanette had just completed an Access Course in Art and Design at Swindon College and got together with the '95 artists including Printha and Mark Ellis, who were responsible for publicity for the Jazz Festival.  The glossy black and white A3 brochure was produced by Peter Stein and Simon Brett, the cover shows a woodcut by Richard Shirley-Smith.  


29 artists participated during the three festival weekends in July.
About half exhibited in Marlborough, two exhibited at Mount House and the rest on the outskirts and Pewsey. 
Special activities included a Raku firing each afternoon and demonstration of desk-top publishing. 
The first 'rules' were drawn up for future 'Marlborough Open Studio Schemes'.

1997 Jeanette Therrien, Arran Miles and Susan Kirkman and 33 artists

OS brochure 1997 thumbA3 glossy black and white brochure produced once again by Simon Brett and Peter Stein, with cover image of Meryl Ainslie's studio.  33 artists in 21 studios included an architect showing project models and work in progress.


The catchment area was bound by the M4 to the north, Pewsey to the south, Beckhampton to the West and Hungerford to the East.  

1998  Arran Miles with Susan Kirkman and 29 artists

OS Brochure 1998 thumb29 artists participated. No committee.  Most participants lent a hand with promotion.  
Two thirds of the studios were located outside Marlborough. 


The first A5 full colour brochure. 
Sponsorship from Kennet District Council. 

1999 Gordon Aitcheson with Susan Kirkman and 41 artists

OS Brochure 1999 thumbWHO ELSE?

Arran Miles (Treasurer), Elizabeth Scott (Sponsorship and publicity), Alison Edmonds (Brochure coordinator), Meryl Ainslie, Susan Preston and Susie Whimster (Brochure design), Adrian Hawksley (Public relations). 


Four artists entries per double page spread. 
Four week ends of July.    

2000 Mary Rayner with Susan Kirkman and 30 artists

OS Brochure 2000 thumb

Elizabeth Scott, Hilary Arnold-Baker, Jane Brunning (Brochure design), Alison Edmonds, Kate Gale, Peter Stein (Brochure graphics), Susie Whimster (Proof reading), Adrian Hawksley (Public relations).


Map of studio locations inserted separately in brochure. 
Reverted to three week ends of July.  

2001 Jane Brunning with Louise Andrew and 37 artists

OS Brochure 2001 thumb

Rosalind Adams (Public relations), Hilary Arnold-Baker (Sponsorship co-ordinator), Kate Gale (Treasurer).


Map of studio locations inserted in brochure.  
Advertisements creep in at the bottom of each page.
Note about foot and mouth disease to visitors: "Where there could be a problem of foot and mouth disease there is an aterisk against the studio, please ring if in doubt."

2002 Jane Brunning with Louise Andrew and 37 artists

OS Brochure 2002 thumb

Kate Gale (Treasurer), Rosalind Adams, Hilary Arnold-Baker, Davina Gibbs, Robert Howe.
Last year's format successfully repeated. 


2003 Elizabeth Johnson with Louise Andrew, 30 artists and 21 associate artists

OS Brochure 2003 thumbWHO ELSE?

Rosalind Adams, Robert Howe, Melissa Cole (Treasurer), Annie Cranstone.
Rules for Marlborough Open Studio Scheme (MOSS) revised.


Arts Council funding.
Feedback questionnaire with a £50 voucher towards a piece of art work.  

2004 Elizabeth Johnson with Debbie Blount, 43 artists and 12 associate artists

OS Brochure 2004 thumb


Billy Borrison (Publicity), Melissa Cole (Treasurer), Belinda Coote (general support), Robert Howe (Brochure production). 


Front cover was a triple fold with the map of studio locations as well as advertisements.
Website launched.  A few artists begin to publish their personal emails and websites.

2005 Mavina Baker with Debbie Blount, 42 artists and 10 associate artists  

OS Brochure 2005 thumbWHO ELSE?

Melissa Cole, Diana Devonshire (Treasurer), Billy Morrison (Publicity), Mike Trussell (Brochure Production)


First logo for Marlborough Open Studios and organisers' emails are published.
Friends of Marlborough Open Studios launched and promoted for two consecutive years.  Individual membership was £10 (£15 joint) which entitled Friends to the newly published brochure, a twice yearly newsletter and invitations to private views.
Six studio trails suggested on the map.  

2006 Mavina Baker with Debbie Blount, 49 artists and 17 associate artists  

OS Brochure 2006 thumbWHO ELSE?

Diana Devonshire (Treasurer), Arran Miles (Brochure Distribution & General support), Mike Trussell (Brochure production).


Taster exhibitions at The Bell Inn, Ramsbury; The Cross Keys, Great Bedwyn; The Millstream Restaurant, Marden.
Rosalind Adams hosted an exhibition by local primary school children.

Scheme reverts to four week ends in July. 

2007 Mavina Baker with Deborah Husk, 58 artists and 14 associate artists 

OS Brochure 2007 thumbWHO ELSE?

Brian Devonshire (Treasurer), Arran Miles (Brochure distribution, Jennie Slater (Publicity), Mark Somerville , Jenny Trusell (Satellite exhibitions), Mike Trussell (Brochure Production).
58 participating artists, the catchment area expands westwards through the Pewsey Vale towards Devizes, and to Compton Bassett near Calne.


A selection of pubs are recommended as part of the studio trails. 

I.T. & MOS

jotform Artists were never likely to be early adopters when it came to grasping new technology, although we see from the 1996 brochure that Peter Stein demonstrated desk-top publishingskills in Agnes Stein's studio.  Until 2003 the telephone, post, photocopying, scissors and paste were the reliable standby.  In 2004 MOS launched its own website and email addresses began to appear.  

Artists are accostomed to patiently creating works by hand, enjoy handling physical materials and create works usually using slower processes, so it is hardly surprising that there is reluctance to embrace the latest technology and speedy communications, unless of course technology is the medium. 

The first post on our Open Studios Facebook page was dated 21 January 2011 to promote 'jot forms', not a very user friendly method for artists to submit images for the brochure.  In 2014 MOS Facebook had around 60 likes.  In the last 18 months the OS Facebook page has shot up from around 70 likes to nearly 700.  Many artists now have their own pages and several are on Twitter.  Each participating artist has a page on the OS website which acts as a gateway to their own websites. 

Do you have something to add to our records and archives?

Were you involved in the Saturday 'Artists at Work' in the Marquee at the first Marlborough Festival of Art and Music? 
Were you involved in the first few years helping establish the art trail?  
Have we missed important players, developments or events from our records?
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