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Studio No.: 28

Jacqui Melhuish
Wagon Yard Artists Unit M, Wagon Yard, London road,, , SN8 1LH

Jacqui likes the imperfect, natural and undulating edges reminiscent of weathered and eroded surfaces.This is evident in her Raku work, coastal tiles and strata vessels. The cobalt blue ‘splash’ tableware collection also celebrates the imperfect. Wobbly e ...

Wagon Yard Artists, Unit M, Wagon Yard, London Road, , SN81LH

Jane spends the winter months designing, cutting and carving intricate designs in lino: individual petals, leaves, wings and shells. As spring arrives she takes these into the studio to create ceramic lights in hand made paper porcelain, arranging the man ...

Wagon Yard Artists Unit M, Wagon Yard London Road, , SN8 1LH

Kate enjoys painting all manner of subjects from the natural world, and will be exhibiting a range of work this year including landscapes and seascapes. She works in a variety of media and her techniques and methods are constantly evolving, although her ...

Wagon Yard Artists Unit M Wagon Yard, London Road, , SN8 1LH

Mary ceramics are thrown on the potters wheel. She creates a range of domestic ware and decorative bowls inspired by the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. She also makes a range of porcelain and silver jewellery. Commissions welcome Her work will be on ...

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